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As attorney for one of the three widows who received the $99 million verdict from a Milwaukee County Jury for the deaths of three ironworker killed when a huge crane collapsed during the roof construction for the Miller Park baseball stadium, David Lowe knows how a successful result can bring closure to a family and a community when tragedy strikes. Whether the case is large or small, each client's case is given careful attention and a personal approach.

A sample of our successful results:


Car Accidents
$700,000 settlement for woman injured by a drunk driver who was talking on a cell phone, ran stop sign, and caused multiple car collision.

$500,000 insurance policy limits paid to parents of child passenger killed in rollover accident caused by negligent loss of control of car driven by teenage driver with probationary license.

Motorcycle Accidents
$150,000 policy limits settlement for motorcyclist injured by distracted driver who was driving while eating from a bowl of cereal on her lap.

$1.5 million policy limits settlement for motorcyclist who suffered leg amputation injury when motorist made left hand turn in his path.

Truck Accidents
$500,000 wrongful death settlement for truck driver killed when his tanker rig, carrying jet airplane fuel, rolled over and exploded after being run off the highway in Racine by driver who was rushing to work in icy road conditions.

Bus Accidents
Confidential settlement paid by bus company whose driver negligently failed to set school bus brakes, causing it to roll down an incline, running into a mom pushing a stroller with her children inside.


$1.6 million settlement paid by Milwaukee hospital for permanent neurologic injury sustained by an epilepsy patient who experienced a seizure, fell to the floor and broke his neck when left unattended on the side of his hospital bed.

$250,000 verdict and settlement in Madison, Wisconsin against hospital where nurse left seizure patient unprotected by hospital bed side rails, causing fall to the floor and brain injury.

Confidential settlement paid by insurer of Green Bay psychiatrist for young woman diagnosed with eating disorder, and involuntarily committed to mental health facility for treatment, where it turned out that the eating difficulty was the result of a tumor in her colon.

Confidential settlement for Green Bay hospital patient who underwent repeat surgery to remove sponge left behind during earlier surgery.

$455,000 Washington County verdict for breast cancer patient injured when chemotherapy drug leaked (extravasated) from implanted port during treatment session that was not being properly monitored by nursing staff, causing the patient to lose the breast that had been cancer free.


$4.5 million settlement for child delivered by cesarean section prematurely because her obstetrician miscalculated the mother's due date, causing the child to suffer many of the known complications of prematurity including grade III and grade IV brain bleeds with subsequent neurological injuries consisting primarily of hemiplegia, hydrocephalus, and cognitive impairment.

$455,000 verdict for thirty-five-year-old woman upon whom hysterectomy was performed after she and her husband were advised that she could not become pregnant, after years of trying. The surgeon did not order a pregnancy test before the hysterectomy surgery, and it was discovered afterward that she had been ten weeks pregnant with a healthy fetus.


Confidential settlement for a customer mugged and beaten in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. Despite a history of crimes at the store, the store failed to employ security guards and had inadequate security procedures.

$62,000 Ozaukee County verdict for a woman who slipped and fell in unsalted parking lot, sustaining a fractured ankle.

$160,000 settlement for tenant of apartment building swept by fire that could not be extinguished due to inoperable fire extinguishers.

Worksite Accidents
$99 million verdict by Milwaukee County jury for compensatory and punitive damages for the widows of three ironworkers killed when a crane collapsed during the construction of Miller Park, the Milwaukee Brewer's baseball stadium in Milwaukee. Our client shared the settlement with the two other widows.


$100,000 verdict for eight-year-old child mauled by an Akita.
$100,000 settlement for a three-year-old child attacked by a Golden Retriever.


Settlement for pheasant hunter who lost eye when one of his four hunting companions – it was not clear which - negligently fired his weapon.


Confidential settlement for a Waukesha elementary school student who contracted E. coli after eating food from the school's self-service lunch counter.

$414,000 settlement for a Milwaukee man who sustained chemical burns to his throat after drinking coffee prepared in a coffee maker that had been cleaned with a common household cleaning product containing strong acids inadequately warned about on the product label.

$97,500 verdict for Milwaukee woman hospitalized for congestive heart failure caused by fuel oil fumes after a delivery truck pumped forty gallons of fuel oil into her basement through a fill pipe that was no longer connected to a fuel tank. A contractor had recently removed the tank and installed a new gas heating system but neglected to remove the fill pipe located on the exterior of the home.

Confidential settlements for two women who suffered toxic shock syndrome due to use of improperly designed tampon product.


Confidential settlement for wrongful death of 58 year old man who died from respiratory arrest due to prescription drug with inadequate warning label about the medication's unique danger to certain consumers.


Settlement for wrongful death of 84 year old resident of community based residential facility who choked to death on sandwich provided to her by cafeteria staff in violation of doctor's orders to withhold solid food.

$372,000 settlement for the wrongful death of elderly nursing home resident who died after his wheel chair rolled out of the open back door of a transit van before being properly secured by the van driver.


Settlement for woman falsely imprisoned after being framed by estranged husband on charges of attempted murder.

Settlement paid by murderer's estate to lone survivor of a family of four gunned down by daughter's ex-boyfriend.


The firm has handled a wide variety of commercial litigation in state and federal courts for small and large businesses and consumers, including acting as local counsel in securities fraud cases and class action securities fraud cases.